Client case study

We were approached by a potential customer who was considering a CCTV system and trying to obtain a competitive price.
The proprietor had two hotels. While he spent most of his time in one hotel his requirements were in the other premises where he needed :

  • Increased level of security
  • Keep on eye remotely on tills, kitchen and who is in, while he was at his other business.
  • Monitor car park, including number plate recognition technology.
  • HD quality and low light recording
  • A minimum of one month’s activity retained in the DVR

We were successful in obtaining the contract after submitting our design and quotation. In total 8 cameras were installed in a mix of indoor and outdoor locations.

After installation the customer was delighted with the results. He was able to remotely view the activity off site and keep an eye on his business.
The system was very quickly put to the test when he was the victim of a credit card fraud, where a false name, address and stolen credit card was used to pay for a bill which amounted to a substantial amount of money. The number plate was recorded on CCTV and the details passed to the police. A prosecution is now pending.

In addition his insurance broker was able to negotiate an insurance discount due to the presence of the security cameras. This will cover the cost of the system in a very short period of time.

All in all he is delighted with the quality of the work done, and the results.

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